Convened by UNU-IIGH & IRG-GHJ

The enormity of the burden placed on health systems and societies by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring many of the major challenges of global health into sharp focus, including the moral imperative to decolonize systems and structures of global health in the pursuit of global justice.

In this seminar, Professor Krushil Watene (Associate Professor, Massey University, New Zealand) and Dr Seye Abimbola (Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney and Editor in Chief, BMJ Global Health) will be joined by Dr Sridhar Venkatapuram (Deputy Director, Global Health Institute, King’s College London and Chair, IRG-GHJ) in an open discussion about the ethical values underpinning the decolonizing movement in global health. Drawing upon experiences in New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria and beyond, the conversation will delve specifically into how the values of this global movement align or conflict with diverse ethical values at the local level.

What can we learn by examining this interface between the local and global in decolonizing health, and how can we leverage these lessons towards more ethical, just, and inclusive global health movements for the post-COVID future?

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