By: Tiffany Nassiri-Ansari and Emma Rhule | Published: December 22, 2022

Co-convened by UNU-IIGH, Wilton Park, & Development Reimagined

There have been an increasing number of voices – both individual and institutional – that have called for a reassessment of global health and greater recognition of its colonial heritage. It is within this context that the “Shifting Power in Global Health: Decolonising Discourses” series was co-convened by UNU-IIGH, Development Reimagined, and Wilton Park, with the aim of shifting from problematising coloniality to catalysing decoloniality.

This synthesis report presents five key takeaways and some potential paths forward that emerged from the three dialogues. It also offers brief reflections on the organising team’s experiences of working in a decolonial way.

For more information on the three dialogues as well as their corresponding summary reports, see here.

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