Decolonising Global Health works across three intersecting dimensions of colonialism and coloniality.

The three dimensions relate to the global health community and the systems and structures of global health.

The first dimension (colonialism within global health) concerns the power asymmetries within the global health system, especially between actors in the ‘Global North’ and actors in the ‘Global South’, and between donors and recipients.  

The second dimension (the colonisation of global health) concerns the undue dominance that some actors have over the structures and systems of global health governance.  

The third dimension (colonialism through global health) refers to the extraction and misappropriation of wealth and resources through global health policies and programmes.

Colonialism Within Global Health

What are the major power
asymmetries within global health, and how can we shift power to create more
equitable, respectful
and effective partnerships?

Colonisation of Global Health

Who are the power brokers in global health and what is the impact of their control and dominance over the World Health Organisation, World Bank, Gavi, and Global Fund?

Colonialism Through Global Health

How does the global health system contribute to the growing crisis of widening inequality and extreme wealth concentration?